Concertos (1)

Bass Clarinet Concerto

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Solo Bass Clarinet(B♭, the lowest is C) 

2(Ⅰ=picc, Ⅱ=altofl).2(Ⅱ=enghorn).2(Ⅱ=E♭cl).2(Ⅱ=dbn)-4.2.2.Btbn1.tub1-timp.perc(3~4): CrashCymbals/trg/claves/maracas/tam-tam/SnareDrum/SusCymbal/tambourine/BassDrum/hi-hat/marimba/vib/xyl/glockenspiel-hp1-strings

solo performer of the premiere: ISHIKAWA Kimika ( on Nov. 19 2019)(orchestral parts are played by software synthesizer)

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Viola Concerto (2nd ver.)

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Solo Viola

2(II=picc, alto flute).2(II=corA).2(II=bcl, Ebcl).dbcl,2(II=dbn)-4.3.3(I, II=ttrbn;III=btrbn).1-timp.perc(5): BD/SD/crot/vib/mar/xyl/cyms/susp.cym/tam-t//clav/t-bells/5tom-ts/t-gongs/finger cyms/maracas/ganza/triangles(H, L)-hp-cel-strings

Dedicated to Ellie McEla

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Guitar Concerto (4th ver.)

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World Premiere : Guitar: MORITA Ayano(Orch=software synthesizer)

                            2018-6-10, Takanawa Civic Center Hall(Tokyo)

Special Thanks to Ms. MORITA Ayano

Solo Guitar (probably amplified)

flute, piccolo, alto flute, oboe, english horn, clarinet(B♭), bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon  - horn(F)2, trumpet, tenor trombone, tuba - timpani, perc(3): snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, suspended cymbal, triangle, tam-tam, ganza, maracas, ratchet, xylophone, vibraphone - celesta - harp - strings

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Piano Concerto (3rd ver.)

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Solo Piano


perc(3): BD/SD/tam-t/tambn/shaker/cyms/sus.cym/cast/vib/xyl-hp-strings



1st  mvt 
2nd mvt(10:35)
3rd  mvt(21:56)

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Cello Concerto (2nd ver.)

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Solo Cello

fl2(Ⅰ,Ⅱ=picc).ob2(Ⅱ=enghorn).cl2 in B♭(Ⅱ=basscl).asax.bn2(Ⅱ
=dbn)-hr4 in F.2trp in B♭.2tbn.1Btbn.tub.timp.perc(4):CrashCymb­al/tam-tam(H/M/L)/guiro//BassDrum/SnareD­rum/castanets/SusCymb/tambourine/xyl/vib­-hp-3female voices amplified(2S, A)-strings



Ⅰ 00:00

Ⅱ 11:11  

Ⅲ 21:39

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Violin Concerto

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This is scheduled to be revised.

Solo Violin

3(Ⅲ=piccolo).3(Ⅲ=english horn).3(Ⅲ=bass clarinet).(Ⅲ=double bassoon)-4.3.3(Ⅲ=bass trombone).tuba-timpani.perc(3):cymbal­s/suspended cymbal/tam-tam/triangle/tambourine/Bass Drum/Snare Drum-harp-strings



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Ocarina Concerto

Solo Ocarina (probably amplified)


1Btbn.tub.timp.perc(3): woodblocks(H/L)/castanets/whip/SD/BD/tam-tam/ratchet/SusCymbal/tgl/claves/CrashCymbals/marimba/vib/xyl/glockenspiel-hp-strings



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Marimba Concerto (not open to the public)

2(II=piccolo).2(II=english horn).2(II=bass clarinet). 2(II=double bassoon)-4.2.3(III=bass trombone).tuba-timpani.perc(4): BD/tam-tam/triangle/SusCymbal/woodblock/tambourine/CrashCymbals/glockenspiel-hp/pf/cel-strings



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